Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog.

26 December, 2017

[MUSIC] Park Kwang Sun - As Time Stopped (The K2 OST)

A pretty song (even without translation) from the sountrack of the Korean series "The K2", starring Ji Chang-Wook and the gorgeous Yoona.

Fan made video with English translations

22 December, 2017

Killer Kool Aid goes Nuclear

Killer Kool Aid goes Nuclear

Killer Kool Aid goes Nuclear. Oh Yeah! Oh NO!

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Killer Kool Aid goes Nuclear

Killer Kool Aid goes Nuclear. Oh Yeah! Oh NO!

[CARTOON] Killer Kool Aid goes Nuclear

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12 November, 2017

[MUSIC] Mad Clown - Without You (featuring Hyolyn)

My favorite Rap song from the past few years, featuring a prominent Korean rapper, and a Korean songstress who is often in peoples' top 2 or 3 list of best female artists in Korea. I don't know the language, but the song just works. Lyrics in the subtitles.

Here's another version showing the singer Hyolyn (who does some impressive covers of English songs as well).

30 September, 2017

[TV] The Incredible Hulk - Pilot Episode (1977)

So I'm watching the pilot episode of the TV series The Incredible Hulk, when I ask myself what car does David Banner trash when he first turns into the hulk.  Turns out to be a 1971 Toyota Celica. 

There is actually a website dedicated to helping you find what car what in what movie or TV series.   The Internet Movie Cars Database  (a pun on IMDB).    See it here

Happier times.

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